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  Volume 5 - 1770-1886

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Örjan Martinsson

Model Drawings of Colours in the Swedish War Archive

Before any colours or standards were manufactured a model drawing had to be made and then approved by the War College which the manufacturer had to follow. In the Swedish War Archive there are over 200 preserved model drawings and I have taken photos of all of these that were available when I visited the Archive in the summer of 2013. The photographs are now available on my website through the links below. In order to ease identification I have kept the War Archive's numbering of the drawings and their grouping in volumes.

Volume 1

Cavalry and Dragoons m/1686

Contains the first half of the model drawings painted by Olof Hoffman in accordance to the regulation of 1686. Also included here are four older model drawings and four infantry colours of m/1686.

Volume 2

Infantry Colours m/1686

Contains the second half of the model drawings painted by Olof Hoffman in accordance to the regulation of 1686. It also includes an additional three infantry colours which are from the same time but not part of this suite.

Volume 3

Model Drawings 1699-1766

Contains model drawings as well as pictures of details and fabric samples for colours manufactured between the two great reforms of 1686 and 1766.


Volume 4

Colours and Standards of m/1766

Contains model drawings in accordance of the regulation of 1766 which are part of the book produced by Jacob Gillberg 1769.

Volume 5

Model Drawings Post m/1766

Contains model drawings of colours from the Gustavian age and the 19th century.

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