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Örjan Martinsson

The purpose with this section is to gather lists of regents from those states that have played an important roll in European history. But it is also my intent to show all the unions between different states that occurred when a person became regent over more than one country, these unions were very common during late middle age and early modern age. For that reason I have placed flags next to the names of rulers who also ruled other countries.

I have chosen to use the regents’ native names instead of English names when I wrote the lists. That is mainly for practical reasons since I also have a Swedish version of these pages, but it is also because I find it interesting to know the regents “real names”. The problem with this approach is that some names can be hard to recognize for an English speaking reader. I have therefore made a guide to how names are translated to different languages; you will find it at the page "Regent names"

= Emperor
= King or tsar
Purple text = Civil regents with non-noble titles.

Red text = Rival regents and different forms of discontinuity.
Green text = Regent's bi-name translated to English or other comment.