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Örjan Martinsson

Welcome to Tacitus Historical Atlas. The purpose of this website is to illustrate the European countries history with maps, population statistics and regent lists. I hope to ad much more pages on these topics but lack of time unfortunately prevent me from doing so in the near future. Visitors on this website can however influence future addition by posting suggestions on my Guestbook. There is a lot that could be added to this site but I have spent most of my available time the last years to develop the Swedish part of Tacitus.nu. However, if some request would turn out to be popular among my English-speaking visitors then I would certainly give it much higher priority.

I am currently in the process of translating pages from the Swedish version of this website. These pages cover the history of the Great Northern War (1700-1721) and judging by the number of non-Swedish visitors who keep coming to them, it seems worthwhile to translate them to English. When the new sections of the English website is finished you will be able to reach them by clicking on the text "Great Northern War" on the top of this page. This work has however taken a lot longer time than expected and I do not currently know when it will be finished. But you can get a sneak preview of translated pages by clicking on this link.