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Örjan Martinsson


The Vasa Age

It is agreed in the peace treaty between Sweden and Denmark-Norway that northern Bohuslän will remain under Swedish control until a settlement is reached over the disputed island of Gotland.

Northern Bohuslän is returned to Denmark-Norway despite that no settlement over Gotland has been reached.

King Gustav Vasa grants his younger son Johan in 1556 a hereditary duchy that is practically an independent state. The duchy is enlarged the following year with a part of Nyland.
Gustav Vasa's third son Magnus is granted a hereditary duchy with the same rights as Johan's Estonia accepts Swedish sovereignty in return for protection from Russian raids. Erik XIV abolishes his brother Johan's duchy as a response to his intimate connections with Poland.
Gustav Vasa´s youngest son Karl receives his hereditary duchy when he reached the age of 18. Duke Magnus insanity results in that his duchy is divided between king Johan III and duke Karl. The Finnish border is moved east and Sweden's possession of Estonia is recognised by Russia in the peace of Teusina.
Duke Karl proclaims himself as king after having deposed his nephew Sigismund. Karl's duchy is thereby returned to the crown. Sigismund’s half brother Johan take control over the duchy he was granted in 1604 in return for the renunciation of his claim to the Swedish throne. Karl IX grants his younger son Karl Filip a duchy. Trades and adjustments also enlarge Duke Johan’s duchy.

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