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Írjan Martinsson


Denmark During the Viking Age

Denmark is a united kingdom ruled by Godfred about AD 800. After king Godfred's death the kingdom suffers from civil wars between his heirs. Denmark will be reunited temporarily during the 9th. Century. In Jutland a petty kingdom with Jellinge as centre emerges. It will unite Denmark during the 10th. Century
Harold Bluetooth reunites Denmark. He also conquers southern Norway and Slavic areas in northern Germany, although he for a short period was a German vassal. Denmark's king Sven is deposed by the Swedish king Erik the victorious who conquers his kingdom. Denmark is free from Swedish rule although it has lost control over Norway to Olav Tryggvason.
The Danish king Sven and the Swedish king Olof defeats Olav Tryggvason and divide Norway between them. After a series of Viking raids Sven becomes king over England. After Sven's death his kingdoms are divided between his sons. The Norwegians led by Olav the holy rejects Danish rule.
The English king Canute the great succeed his brother Harold as king over Denmark. Canute the great defeats the Norwegian and Swedish at the battle of Helgeň 1026. Afterwards he conquers Norway and a part of Sweden. Canute the Greats dies and his empire is divided between his sons and enemies.
Denmark's king Hardeknut succeed his brother Harold Harefoot as king over England. Hardeknut dies and is succeeded in Denmark by the Norwegian king Magnus the good. Magnus the good dies and is succeeded by different kings in Norway and Denmark.

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