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Örjan Martinsson


Denmark 1523-1944

Duke Frederik of Schleswig-Holstein become king over Denmark and his duchy is therefore returned to the crown. He recognises the Swedish possession of northern Bohuslän the following year. Northern Bohuslän is returned to Denmark The duchies of Schleswig-Holstein are partitioned between Christian III and his brothers Hans and Adolf. The latter’s duchy, Holstein-Gottorp, will cause Denmark considerable troubles in the future.
Ditmarsken in Holstein and the Estonian island of  Ösel is conquered. Duke Hans dies without sons and his duchy is divided between king Frederik II and duke Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp. The Torstensson war 1643-45 ends with considerable territorial losses to Sweden.
Denmark’s intervention in the northern war results in additional disastrous losses to Sweden. Sweden tries to conquer the entire Danish monarchy 1658-60. But Denmark manages to take back Trondheim's county and the island of Bornholm. The Danish king Frederik III inherits the German county of Oldenburg.
The Schleswig part of Holstein-Gottorp is returned to the crown as a result of the great northern war. Greenland is also colonized this year. Oldenburg is exchanged for the remaining parts of Holstein-Gottorp. Sweden force Denmark to exchange Norway for Vorpommern.
The congress in Vienna decides that Denmark must exchange Vorpommern with Lauenburg. The duchies of Schleswig and Holstein are lost to Prussia and Austria after a short war. Northern Schleswig is returned to Denmark after a plebiscite.

Iceland gain independence from Denmark.

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