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Örjan Martinsson


Sweden 1050-1389
Jämtland is lost to Norway for unknown reasons. The first Swedish crusade in Finland conquers the western parts of the country. The crusade may have been preceded by colonisation. Swedish peasants are colonising Ångermanland, Österbotten and Nyland. The Swedish grip on Finland is strengthening.
A second crusade leads to the conquest of the interior part of Finland. The third crusade conquers the western parts of Carelia from the republic of Novgorod. The peace with Novgorod in 1323 will establish a border that will remain official until 1595. King Birger is forced to grant his brothers Erik and Valdemar huge hereditary duchies that are practically independent.
King Birger captures his brothers and dissolves their duchies. Magnus Eriksson becomes king over both Sweden and Norway. He also inherits northern Halland. Magnus Eriksson purchases the main part of Scania and Blekinge. The colonisation in the north has past the official border from 1323.
The remaining parts of Scania and Halland are purchased. The union with Norway is dissolved when Magnus Eriksson's younger son Håkan succeed him as Norwegian king. The Danish king Valdemar Atterdag conquers Scania, Blekinge and southern Halland.
Norway's king Håkan is elected to be his father's coregent in Sweden. The coregents Håkan and Magnus are driven out of Sweden. The union with Norway is thereby dissolved Denmark's king Valdemar Atterdag exploits the civil war in Sweden and conquers northern Halland and retake Gotland which he previously had taken in 1361.

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