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Örjan Martinsson

Sweden's Age of Greatness
Ingria and Kexholm county is ceded by Russia at the peace of Stolbova. Duke Johan dies without sons and his duchy is therefore returned to the crown. Also Duke Karl Filip dies without heirs and the last autonomous duchy is returned to the crown.
The sex year long armistice with Poland at Altmark leaves Sweden in control over Livonia and four Prussian port cities. Poland accepts an extension of the armistice with 26 years in return for the Prussian port cities. Jämtland, Härjedalen, Ösel and Gotland plus Halland for 30 years is conquered from Denmark.
At the peace of Westphalia Sweden receives Vorrpommern, Wismar, Bremen-Verden and Wildeshausen. In the settlement of Stettin a strip of Pomerania is declared as Swedish. The first war over the town of Bremen results in a minor expansion of Swedish duchy of Bremen.
Karl X Gustav conquers Scania, Blekinge, Bornholm, Halland, Bohuslän and Trondheim county from Denmark.. Karl X Gustav tries unsuccessfully to conquer the remaining parts of Denmark-Norway. Sweden must return Trondheim County and the island of Bornholm The end of the Scanian war results in minor losses in Germany to Brandenburg, Münster and Lüneburg.
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