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Örjan Martinsson

Family Tree of the
Medieval Kings of Norway

In theory almost all Norwegian kings until 1319 descended in an unbroken paternal line from Harald Hairfair who united Norway about 885. But Norway was in the 12th century plagued by civil wars and several pretenders to the throne claimed to be sons to former kings in order to gain popular support. The last king who truly descended from Harald Hairfair was probably Magnus the Blind (who died 1135) although Harald Gille and Sigurd Slembe claimed to be his uncles and Sverre in his turn claimed to be the grandson of Harald Gille.

Explanations the to colours can be found at the bottom of the page. The dates show when they ruled Norway.

After the death of Christoffer of Bavaria 1448 was the Swedish nobleman Karl Knutsson (Bonde) elected king of Sweden and Norway, but he was shortly afterwards deposed in Norway and later temporarily in Sweden by Denmark's king Christian I who was the first king of the House of Oldenburg, which still rule Denmark today. After a period of Swedish kings 1814-1905 became a branch of the House of Oldenburg again the royal house of Norway in 1905.

= House of Harald Hairfair (Harald had an unknown number of children, at least  22)
= House of Harald Gille (Harald grew up in Ireland and claimed to be the son of Magnus Barelegs)
= Sigurd Slembe (also claimed to be an illegitimate son of Magnus Barelegs)
= House of Erling Skakke
= House of Sverre (Sverre grew up in the Faeroe Islands and claimed to be son of Sigurd Munn)
= House of Bård Guttormsson
= Folkunga Dynasty (the royal house of Sweden 1250-1364)
= Danish Royal House
= Union kings (German born kings who also ruled Denmark and Sweden)

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