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  Narva 1700
  Kliszow 1702
  Fraustadt 1706
  Lesnaya 1708
  Poltava 1709
  Helsingborg 1710
  Gadebusch 1712
  Stresow 1715

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Örjan Martinsson

The Great Northern War was fought during the years 1700-1721 between Sweden and a coalition of countries who sought to carve up the Swedish Baltic Sea Empire between themselves. The coalition, which included Denmark, Saxony, Russia, Prussia and Hanover, would eventually succeed in their endeavour even though the war reached an epic scale as the greatly outnumbered Swedes fought hard and won many battles in their two decade long effort to keep their realm intact.

As a part of my own hobby of casting and painting miniatures of the soldiers fighting the Great Northern War, I take a great interest of the visual aspects of this war, such as the uniforms of the regiments participating in the battles as well as their colours and standards. Since there are others who share my interest for this war, I have created this website and published much of the information I have acquired and made it accessible for everyone.

The pages on this website have been translated to English from the original Swedish. Not everything from the Swedish version of the website has been translated. For example, the gallery showing my own miniatures is omitted. Also omitted in the translation is my list of references, but those who are interested in my sources should not find the Swedish page too difficult to understand.

Örjan Martinsson