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Örjan Martinsson

The Ice Age
The last ice age (Weichsel) began 115 000 years ago. It reached its maximum extent about 20 000 BC. This is the extent of the glacier before the warm Bölling-period 13 000-12 200 BC when the ice melted away from southern Scandinavia.
This is the position of the glacier after the last cold spell during the Weichsel ice age. The Scandinavian landscape forms a tundra. The last stage of the ice age begins 9 500 BC when the average temperature rises and the withdrawal of the glacier accelerates.
The average temperature is 8 500 BC on the same level as today and the ice age is thereby officially over. The last remnants of the glacier will disappear during the next millennium. The average temperature is about 2-3 degrees Celsius higher than today. As a consequence of the ice age the land is slowly elevating except for the southern part of Scandinavia which is sinking,