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Örjan Martinsson


King Harold Hairfair of Vestfold unites Norway after a series of war. He also extends his rule to the islands around Scotland. When Harold Hairfair abdicates about AD 935 the kingdom disintegrates into petty states. Norway is under Danish supremacy from c. 970.
Olav Tryggvason tries to unite and Christianise Norway. Olav Tryggvason is defeated by a Danish-Swedish coalition at the battle of Svolder. Thereafter Norway is divided between Denmark and Sweden.
Olav the holy succeed in uniting Norway. Norway is conquered by the Danish-English king Canute the great.
When Canute the great dies the Norwegians choose Olav the holy's son Magnus the good as king. Magnus the good succeed Hardeknut as king over Denmark.
The union between Denmark and Norway dissolves when Magnus the good dies. The Swedish province of Jämtland is transferred to Norway for unknown reasons.

The Norwegian settlers in Greenland recognise the Norwegian kings sovereignty.

Iceland recognises the Norwegian kings sovereignty. Norway’s supremacy over the Shetland and Orkney islands are recognised by Scotland in exchange for the Hebrides and Isle of Man.
The Norwegian king Håkon Hålægg receives northern Halland as a duchy by Denmark's king Erik Menved. Magnus Eriksson inherits the Norwegian crown and is elected as king over Sweden.
The union with Sweden is dissolved when Magnus Eriksson is driven out of Sweden. Denmark's king Oluf inherits the Norwegian crown. Norway will be a part of the Danish monarchy until 1814.
When Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden the Norwegians declare themselves independent Norway is forced in to a union with Sweden after a short war. The union with Sweden is dissolved.

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