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Örjan Martinsson

Dukes of Franconia

Franconia was one of the five tribal duchies which made up Germany during the tenth century. But unlike the others Franconia did not evolve into a stable political entity. Its first duke was elected to king of Germany 911 and was succeeded in Franconia by his brother who died 939 when he revolted against another German king. This king did not appoint a new duke of Franconia, instead the central German region of Franconia was fragmented into several counties and bishoprics, which were subordinated to the German kings directly. In the western part of Franconia (Rheinfranken) were there several counties that belonged to the Salian dynasty. Its members were sometimes mentioned as dukes of Franconia and they became Germany's royal dynasty 1024. Their Franconian territories were 1093 granted as a fief to the palatine count of Aachen, which would evolve into the important German principality of Electoral Palatinate (Kurpfalz).

In eastern Franconia (Ostfranken) was the prince bishopric of Würzburg the most influential state. It was in an effort to curve the clerical influence in that region emperor Heinrich IV granted his future son in law Friedrich of Hohenstaufen the duchy of Ostfranken 1079. But this duchy was later dissolved and once again was the prince bishopric of Würzburg the leading state in eastern Franconia and these bishops also held the title duke of Franconia 1442-1802. During the Thirty Years War was their territory occupied by the Swedes who installed the commander Bernhard of Weimar as regent 1633 with the title duke of Franconia. But the prince bishop of Würzburg was restored after the battle at Nördlingen 1634.

Duchy of Franconia

906-911 Konrad I


Eberhard III

The tribal duchy was dissolved 939

(counts of Speyer and Worms who sometimes
 were mentioned as dukes of Franconia)



Konrad der Rote (the Red)
955-1004 Otto von Worms
1004-1011 Konrad der Ältere (the Elder)
1011-1039 Konrad (II)
1011-1039 Konrad der Jüngere (the Younger)


Heinrich (III)
1056-1076 Heinrich (IV)
1076-1088 Konrad  
1088-1093 Direct rule by the king

The Salian dynasty's possessions at the Rhine
 were 1093 granted to the palatine count of Aachen.

Duchy of Ostfranken
(also called the duchy of Rothenburg)


Friedrich I
1105-1116 Direct rule by the emperor
1116-1152 Konrad I
1152-1167 Friedrich II
1167-1169 Friedrich V
1169-1188 Friedrich VI
1188-1196 Konrad II

The duchy was dissolved after the death of Konrad II 1196

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